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For Tenley

August 11, 2016

I don’t get very much art done these days.  My six year old on the other hand is constantly creating…keeping him out of my stuff is a full time job.  Yesterday I decided I would create his own box of stuff he can safely use.  We will see if that works!

My childhood friend Bobbie over at Bobbie Brown Photography is the friend who encouraged me to get started and has consistently has pushed me out of my comfort zone.  Over the years of her requests giving me anxiety, biting my fingernails, thinking “I can’t do that, no way, I have no idea where to start!” (I never admitted that to her) getting started could take me a while…determined to push through my fears, I would finally put brush to paper.  The hardest part!  These days, getting started can take me a while for other reasons.   I have overcome that fear and anxiety and have discovered the magic of trying.  With anything in life, even when it feels paralyzing, when the voices in your head argue with you, Just. Try.

Maybe I will get around to posting before and after of our school room.

11×14 Watercolor Pencil


Well, it’s been a really long time!

March 10, 2016

Life has been busy!  Full of home school and all the many things it takes to care for three little ones under five.

I am excited to share that I can finally offer my Pear painting in prints!!  On material of your choice as well as size of your choice.  I know I had a lot of interest and three years have gone by…better late than never right?

Please visit Fine Art America to purchase!!

pears2 005


June 19, 2015

Beth Welch 002


May 12, 2015

Moses 003

8×10 Acrylic on Canvas

Misc ornament 002

Hallman commission

December 26, 2014

This one is my largest painting to date, it is huge, it is full of love, dreams and forever.  My sad photography skills fail me miserably here, it helps a lot to click on each photo.  I could not capture the true color, the dreamy landscape or detail.  A single piece of glitter lights up the big dipper to surprise you from certain angles.  The moonlit early morning is full of promise, hope, peace and love.  Dan I enjoyed piecing together all your favorite things for your lovely wife.  I hope you both enjoy!  Thank you!

Mixed Media on Canvas SOLD:

Hallman Commission 020

Hallman Commission 018

Hallman Commission 015

Hallman Commission 003


December 26, 2014

This little lady has lost her eyes.  This is before.

Mattie 003


December 16, 2014

A cellphone snapshot of Beau.