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Easton and Ivory

December 13, 2013

My niece Hannah asked me to do these of Easton and Ivory for her Mom for Christmas and since my sister does not have a facebook or probably even remember that I have this blog, I am pretty certain she will not see them…so friends of my sister Christi please do not tell her 😉

No, I really do not do portraits/profiles, etc.  they stress me out!  I have only ever done two faces in color (pastel) and that is when I was somewhere around 14, not sure why I said yes haha but I am glad I did because once again I got pulled out of my comfort zone! 

Ivory 14×17 Pastel

Easton & Ivory 005

Easton 14×17 Pastel

Easton & Ivory 006

The Clanton house is in for BIG change!

November 8, 2013

It’s a girl!!  She weighs just 8 ounces at 18 weeks 5 days…an absolute miracle to see such a small human being, perfectly formed, yawning, sucking and moving all over.  Just fills my heart with Gods miraculous wonder!  Below is a dress I made when I was somewhere around 13 all hand stitched and smocked.  Can’t believe I get to use it 🙂 You guys go ahead and make fun of my horrible photoshopping skills, but I wanted a pink background!

Baby girl 003

My blog needs an update!

October 9, 2013

One of these days I will get around to it!  I just noticed my about me says I have one little boy…we have been blessed with two boys and have another baby on the way!

Emerson3 1/2  – he wants to be a cowboy, he says “I’m gonna rope a cow, yea buddy!” lol or “Lassdo a cow”


Liam 19 months

Liam 10-13

Ella Scott

October 6, 2013

I can’t wait to meet baby Ella, I know she will be just as beautiful as her Mother!!  Thank you Heather for asking me to do this for her!  It is one of my favorite nursery pieces yet 🙂

Ella 2


Now I lay me down to sleep.

September 30, 2013

By far my very most popular order!  Customized to bedding.  Thank you Lynn!

Silohettes 005

Silhouettes – Bride & Groom

September 30, 2013

This was a fun little project, and what an awesome idea for a wedding!  Thank you Tressa!

Silohettes 002

Abstract Florals

August 8, 2013

Another very popular painting!  I have loved how they each and every one come out so differently!  These have words peeking through here and there, even a headboard I loved the fabric on…so fun!

paintings 008

paintings 010

paintings 011

paintings 013

12×12’s Mixed Media on Canvas SOLD:

Acrylic on canvas, brick home.

August 8, 2013

Thank you so much Lynn!  Hope your friend cherishes her birthday gift!

paintings 007

16×20 Acrylic on canvas SOLD:

Now I lay me down to sleep…

August 8, 2013

These have been very popular and I love each and every one.  Love it when customers send me bedding and say have fun 🙂

paintings 001

16×20 Acrylic on canvas SOLD:

I call her “Bessie”

July 16, 2013

Bessie Cow painting 001

12×12 Acrylic on canvas SOLD!

I had so much fun painting this!  Her eyes make me happy…wanted to keep her in my kitchen!  She was prettier in person.  I’m always so disapointed in my photography.



July 16, 2013

Bessie Cow painting 003

personalized name art SOLD!

Banner for Brody

May 21, 2013

Brody banner 004

handpainted burlap banner

Happy Birthday Sign

May 21, 2013

I have been so bad at taking pictures of the things I have painted lately!  Too much clogging up my mind…

Tenley's Bday, little camera (2)

b (102)

Bridesmaid gifts

April 29, 2013

I had so much fun doing these three for such different personalities!  Thank you Kristen!

Flowers for Tressa 8×10 oil on canvas SOLD!

Bridesmaids & beach 005

Sunny Beach 8×10 acrylic on canvas SOLD!

Bridesmaids & beach 011

Flowers for Sarah 8×10 acrylic on canvas SOLD!

Bridesmaids & beach 007

a couple from our beach trip…love these maters!

Bridesmaids & beach 070Bridesmaids & beach 037Bridesmaids & beach 034Bridesmaids & beach 021Bridesmaids & beach 079Bridesmaids & beach 065Bridesmaids & beach 043Bridesmaids & beach 077

Abstract Floral

April 2, 2013

Well, I found this picture on my phone with still wet paint…since I forgot to take a picture before I sent it on its way, this is the best I’ve got!


My friend Bobbie emailed me after I posted this with a picture she had snapped for me of the second picture (they are a pair)!  Thank you!


mixed media on 18×18 canvas SOLD

Homemade tortillas…for dinner!

March 25, 2013

Last week that is.  They were amazingly simple to make and so yummy it makes me never ever want to eat store bought again.  Thank goodness they were so yummy because my felafels were a complete flop!  Disintegrating completely when I put them in the oil to fry 😦 oh well, better luck next time.  We just threw some ham in there, rolled them up, and that was dinner haha.  You can find the recipe here thank you pinterest!

liam 1st bday 001 liam 1st bday 002

Mobile Alabama…here I come!

March 20, 2013

Or at least a part of me is…I find it fascinating that even though I have never visited anywhere not surrounding North Cacky Lack, at least my artwork is venturing out.  It is not because I am boring (even though maybe I am a little) or don’t have the desire, I have just have not forced my hubby to get a passport and take me. had the opportunity,  one of these days I will travel somewhere outside of surrounding states!  These pretty little packages are on there way to Alabama.  In my haste of completing paintings, planning Liam’s one year birthday (I can’t believe it has been a year since he was born :'() caring for two little boys and a million other things, I realized I forgot to take a picture.  Not only of these but the last ones I finished too, some of my favorites.  These packages contain one that looks like this:

You are my sunshine

and one that has a blue background with a Dr. Seuss saying on it in white and yellow.  It turned out so good, but there is no way I am unwrapping that package to snap a picture.  It said:

Today YOU are YOU,

that is truer than true.

There is no one alive

more YOUER than YOU.

Thank you Kira!

Watercolor brick home

March 14, 2013


brick house 005

you can barely see the doggie in the window…

A rainy day with Emerson

March 6, 2013

I let him squirt the paint and I pushed it around, we like it and he had so much fun!  Check out those faces on Liam, ooh boy, been seeing too much of that cutting three teeth 🙂

a rainy day with emerson 009

a rainy day with emerson 001 a rainy day with emerson 004 a rainy day with emerson 005 a rainy day with emerson 006 a rainy day with emerson 011

Grandma Edna

March 5, 2013

Pencil sketch:  I drew this portrait of Grandma Edna Allen when I was somewhere around 14 I think…didn’t know much about composition at the time, obviously.  It has floated around for years, you can see a few stains here and there.  Mom asked if I would add her dress on, hence the seam, I still had the same notebook I used back then so it wasn’t too difficult.  After carefully taping it together, my dear hubs cut a piece of plexiglass to fit the frame she wanted to use, Hobby Lobby cut a mat for me.  Amazing how difficult it is to find an oval mat, or someone who cuts them.

Grandma Edna

daisy & zinna

March 4, 2013

daisy zinna 001

to coordinate with


Thank you Regina for your business!

Email complications…

February 20, 2013

So sorry to anyone who has tried to contact me by the email link on my blog…it’s not working properly!  If I have missed anyone regarding paintings or anything else I apologize, I am working on it now.  Thank you 🙂

Romeo…for Hadley!

February 9, 2013

Romeo 005

Romeo 013

Whole wheat crusty bread…so delish!

January 29, 2013

My newly discovered passion continues…I’m going to be big as a barn if this continues!  This bread is so amazing, reminds me of ciabatta bread and I happen to be an experimenter so I try something different about every time.  This time I added whole wheat flour because it makes me feel less guilty for eating it at every meal more often than I used to.  I have always been one to cook a meal with only one carb, like don’t fix bread and potatoes together.  That has changed quite a bit, so I imagine if im not careful my waistline will too.  Ah well, I don’t have time to worry about that now and it’s just TOO DELISH to care.

crusy loaf bread 006

Baking bread…new found passion!

January 20, 2013

I have just recently discovered a passion for baking bread after receiving a sourdouh starter from my dear sister in law.  I love kneading it, mixing it, the beautiful loaves, and of course eating it!  It soothes my soul in this chaotic phase of my life and surely the smell is just a hint of heaven.  The results of my experimenting (so far) have been truly rewarding and a release of my creativity that does not involve a two year old trying to “help” me with a painting, flour is much easier to clean up than paint!  I can’t wait to break into this crusty loaf of Rosemary Gruyere!  Recipe from pinterest via







Birds for Lisa

December 28, 2012

My sister in law saw a pair of paintings similar to these on our trip to Beaufort this year…so I made a mental note to paint them for her as a Christmas gift.  She was so surprised!  I loved giving her something that meant so much.  Here is my version.

Acrylic on canvas pair 8×10 SOLD:

birds for lisa 004 birds for lisa 010

Butterflies for baby girl

November 28, 2012

Magnets for Tammy

$10 off Shutterfly…yes please!

November 19, 2012
Photo Card
View the entire collection of cards.

Check out sadie + stella

November 9, 2012

I would so LOVE to win this giveaway! Enter to win…Laurel Dawn print


Opened my inbox to this…made my day!

November 4, 2012

This makes all the struggles I go through to produce a painting in my hectic life soooo worthwhile!  Thank you Katie W. from Charleston SC and Katie S for referring you 🙂
Hi Julie!

Long time no email, haha. Just wanted to send you a note to say that our friends DO cherish your painting! 🙂 They have it on display as soon as you walk in their front door, they absolutely love it. They were really blown away by the detail and beauty of it – not to mention the special meaning it has for them. 🙂

Thanks so much again, I hope you and your family are well!!!

Have a wonderful and blessed holiday season, it’s almost here! 🙂


Spring Turns To Summer

October 31, 2012

First of all I would like to share a link  to Laurel Dawn of Abode Love her shop, her art, her style…all I ever dreamed of!  She is hosting a giveaway & all of her prints are stunning, too hard to choose.  I love them all!  This will be me one day I hope!  It has been most difficult for me to paint with a two year old and a now seven month old, plus helping my husband with his new business amidst a million other things.  These paintings were started with a heavy heart but that quickly changed to excitement as they started coming together.  I love the bits of magazine pages peeking through with the vintage knobs, lamp shades and wallpaper!  They are for my amazingly talented photographer friend Bobbie Brown mixed media on 18×18 canvas


Sweet baby Liam & his brother Emerson…they keep me hopping!


August 17, 2012

I have never had such a hard time painting in all my life haha Emerson keeps me hopping & Liam stays hungry.  Between the two of them I don’t have much time.  My dear hubby has ventured into his own business, very exciting but keeping me busy in what little time I do have.  Not to mention all the veggies, tomato sauce, salsa and whatever else I can preserve, I am SO glad the season is ending!!  Yesterday made the cake, my dear friend Peg called and offered me the last of her green beans, peppers and a watermelon, the catch, I get to come pick ’em, crazy me jumped at the opportunity like I was getting to go on a last minute vacation.  She warned me to wear pants since she hadn’t been “real big on weeding lately” no biggie, I followed orders.  Drove up to what resembled a jungle (sorry friend) I immediately texted her that I hoped I wouldn’t get eaten by something, she replies “I was just out there and didn’t run into any critters” ok, deep breath, I dove right in, got everything picked leaving my precious green beans for last.  Got going, dodging morning glories, I was really enjoying myself amongst those weeds & the sound of a combine in the distant field then I thought “wait that might be the fan on a chicken house? Oh well, sounds nice and relaxing just me & the bugs” so I’m plugging along.  All of a sudden my foot starts burning!  What is wrong with it?!  I jump up and there are ANTS, demon ANTS ALL OVER my right shoe and going up my pants, I’m flailing around and grab the first thing my hand hits, her handy dandy ladder with a sprinkler duck taped to the top it comes barreling over and nearly hits me in the head (the only thing that kept me from getting beheaded was the precious morning glories growing up it) I high tailed it outa there fast as I could.  Did a nice little jig in her front yard trying to get rid of the ants, made a quick decision that I was done and forget the rest of the green beans. Haha too bad I was the only one who witnessed it. Green beans tasted delish though.  Needless to say it might be a while before you hear back from me, I need to recover & enjoy my children.

Charleston River

June 26, 2012

When Katie from Charleston, SC emailed me about doing a painting of the tree by the Charleston River that her friends were married under as an anniversary gift I was so excited!!  I felt so “together” haha little did I know you are never “together” with a new born and a two year old…so after dragging out for what seems like forever between ear infections, feeding a baby every three hours and trying to keep my two year old out of trouble, I finally managed to finish.  Thank you to my new customer Katie & my other Katie for referring you!  I love my Charleston customers 🙂

My Sweet Boy

April 26, 2012

My sweet, sweet boy, born at 36 weeks & 5 days…I thank God for this blessing  & that he arrived with no problems at all!

with big brother who loves him dearly.

Seascape anniversary peace

March 7, 2012

I was thrilled when my friend Paulette asked me if I would paint an ocean scene to coordinate with her bedding in honor of her anniversary.  You can’t see it but it has the date she & her husband were married in the bottom right corner.  I wanted to go really modern but knowing she has very traditional taste I kept in more of just the impressionism style.  Hope you enjoy!  This will be my last post for a while, as of yesterday I (for now) have been put on bed-rest so hopefully my sweet little boy won’t arrive too early.

Baby Clanton’s gown & button bum hat & diaper cover

March 5, 2012

With plenty of help from my wonderful & most talented Mother I managed to get one of my gowns completed!  I love how it turned out, it’s sooo soft!  I can’t wait to snuggle my new baby boy in it.  The hat & diaper cover are my 3rd attempt at crocheting & turned out a wee bit crooked but I still love it and can’t wait to put him in it for his first pictures with the fabulous Bobbie Brown!!!

my little burst of never ending energy taking a trip back down memory lane in the bouncy gym lol

You are my sunshine

March 2, 2012

This little ray of sunshine will soon be on it’s way to Chicago (well not this exact one since preggy here forgot to snap a pic but it looks the same just bigger) it is however contained in this adorable owl papered box.  Yes, I have a thing for owls!  I feel honored to be shipping a piece of my art to a city I’ve always wanted to visit, who knows when I will get to go myself but at least some small piece of me will now reside there!!  It is super exciting for me to have my art reaching out past my word of mouth customers 🙂  I have one more post after this one & it could be a bit before you guys hear anything from me.  I have been instructed by my doctor to take it easy as I am showing signs of my second baby boy making an early appearance, we certainly don’t want it to be too early.  So the next 10 days to 2 weeks I guess the couch must become my friend 😦 but I am willing to do whatever it takes to ensure his health and safe delivery.

Precious birdies

February 16, 2012

These adorable little birds are on their way to Charleston later today (oh how I wish I could bundle myself in that little package and sneak down there) Katie I can’t thank you enough for your continuous orders!!  It makes me feel special & I hope your friend enjoys her painting as well as her sweet bundle of joy she will soon be welcoming into her life.


Home Sweet Home

February 3, 2012

My second, ever, watercolor and I had so much fun!!!  Bobbie thanks for asking me to do this for your sisters birthday (it makes me feel so good when someone orders a painting as a gift) and Holly I hope you treasure it.

Crocheted shoes for baby clanton

January 12, 2012

Since I knew this time I was having a boy I have been super stoked to get back into sewing. I did a lot between the age of 10-14 but basically haven’t done anything since other than a pillow or two. Especially since I really like  sweet baby boy stuff for when they are young, not only is it hard to find but typically is a price I don’t want to pay.  My niece Alaina (8 years old going on 40) comes to stay while her mom works & since she is totally into crocheting I decided to get her to re-teach me the stitches (she also taught me about inertia, this child, wow) she says to me as we are crocheting on the couch “this is so peaceful, it’s cold & rainy, this is so fun AND we are accomplishing something at the same time!” haha anyway, between her & you tube I picked it back up pretty quick.  These are the shoes I made for baby boy clanton #2 I made some mistakes & the second one is better than the first but it will be ok.  Up next will be some baby gowns, can’t wait!!


January 4, 2012


January 3, 2012

You are my sunshine

November 30, 2011

blurry sigh…

Cheesecake for Thanksgiving

November 29, 2011

Look Ma!  I finally made a cheesecake that doesn’t have an earthquake down the middle!!  I have a really hard time sharing things in my life on my blog, I’m not a big talker, I don’t have a lot to say & I certainly NOT a writer in any sense of the word but couldn’t resist taking pictures of this yumminess to prove I actually did accomplish this  🙂  Not only did it look pretty, but it tasted divine!!

Praline Pumpkin Cheesecake recipe

Yes, I had horrible lighting…sigh.


November 24, 2011

Cowboy boots

November 10, 2011

Well after months of not being able to accomplish much of anything I’m finally getting caught up!!  It feels good!  I am 17 weeks (almost 18 I think lol) pregnant & unlike the first time around it’s been pretty rough…not to mention my 16 month old had double ear infections that took over a month and 3 antibiotics to get rid of.  Needless to say sleep deprivation + all day nausea does not a creative being make.  These last few weeks have been catch up time now that we both feel better!!  I have to say I love these boots & I’m gonna miss ’em when they are gone and I must make myself one of these banners.

Yeah my focus is off & I have no idea why or what to do differently…so you photographer people just pretend you don’t notice 🙂


November 1, 2011


September 14, 2011

These sweet little birds are on their way to Charleston SC (how I wish I was) thank you so much Katie! I love how soft and wistful they turned out!!

I’ve been featured on Better After!

August 25, 2011

Bath vanity before and after

August 12, 2011

As you know if you have been following along, my hubs and I have been renovating our house for the past well seems like forever now.  We originally installed a pedestal sink in here but it didn’t take us long to realize that an old house has like zero storage and we just couldn’t get enough.  We constantly underestimate just how much we need…so that led us on a search for something cheap, old decrepit and within our meager price range.  We FINALLY came across this lil’ lady whom about on her last leg, well she doesn’t have legs but you know and on her way to the burn pile at our local junk treasure spot caught our eye.  After much pleading I convinced hubs she was salvageable.  We picked her up for $20 we also picked up a huge slab of travertine (some sort of natural stone) at the same place for $35 however we had to pay $120 to have it cut to fit & edged,we purchase old hardware and knobs for $50 total since it was missing all but two or broken on the original piece, the copper sink was an ebay purchase for around $50ish? the faucet was from lowes or home depot and I don’t recall the price.  This has been a slow process as hubs and I have both been very busy.  I painted the design on the walls by using a stencil purchased from lowes and layers of paint which I scraped off with a putty knife while still wet.  The lights on either side of the mirror came off our back porch which at some point or another we picked up for around $10 on one of our treasure hunts.  I love how my cabinet turned out!  I painted her with Annie Sloans Paris Grey chalk paint…which I learned about over at Miss Mustard Seedsblog (I really need to read her links to photography tutorials) I really love how it showcases the chippyness and wear of the piece.  I have yet to invest in a wax so I used my ol’ fall back, bejamin moores 211 glaze, just very lightly buffed in from the edges to the middle so that it wouldn’t darken too much.way before

this bathroom didn’t exist before, we converted a storm porch into our laundry, mudroom & bath, this angle was taken from where the tub is today.

vanity semi-before:  hubs had to add a bump out so the sink would fit, he re-attached the old drawer front he added the trim piece all the way around to make it appear it had always been there.  He did a FANTASTIC job!!!