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More than a little in love…elephants!

November 28, 2014

For my favorite Charleston customer.  I am more than a little in love with this piece.  In fact I wouldn’t mind having it for myself🙂 Thank you so very much Katie!!!

Mama’s Love 12×12 Acrylic on Canvas SOLD:

Charleston Elephants 001 Charleston Elephants 003

Liam’s Psalm

November 17, 2014

Liam has asked after I have finished each of these paintings lately “dat one mine Mom?” it really tugged at my heart strings so before I could start anymore I had to do him one.  He specifically wanted “ornge” so here is Liam’s Sunset to hang by his bed.

16×20 Acrylic on canvas NOT FOR SALE:

Liam Psalm 27 002

Psalm 27

November 15, 2014

12×12 Acrylic on Canvas SOLD:

Wooded Psalm 27 002

Modern Silhouettes

November 13, 2014

I decided to turn the kids scribbles into a keepsake.  My photos are terrible but I was very pleased with how they tuned out!

Modern Sillohette 007

Modern Sillohette 004

Silhouette 001

Psalm 27

November 11, 2014


12×12 Acrylic on canvas SOLD:

Psalm 27 Sunset 001


18×20 acrylic on canvas for Emerson, written in sharpie because I didn’t have the patience to plan and paint the letters but it works for us.

Sunset & Psalm 27 014

How To Make Apple Pie and See The World

October 22, 2014

Today we took what we learned yesterday and put it to good use…baking apple pie!!  It was not nearly so glamorous as these pictures make it appear.  It was messy, Liam (2) wants to do everything and nothing at the same time, Emerson (4) follows directions very well but gets ahead of himself and Miss Norah (7 months) is on the sidelines throwing in the spice.  We learned how to chop, measure, mix and work with dough (with handwriting and math while the dough chilled) we also got to learn what a plunger is and how that works as Emerson tried to take care of business himself while I nursed the baby.  It was interesting for sure…some days are better than others in this home school adventure!  Here is the recipe I used Dream Book Design I found that the dough really needed to chill more like 30 minutes (maybe because I had hot little toddler hands helping?) it held up and baked much better after longer chilling.  They were quite tasty!  Our hats consist of paper towels, paper and tape.

Chef in training!  Keepin’ it real with the #homedepot aprons

Apple Pie Homeschool 003

Apple Pie Homeschool 005

Good chopping for a four year old

Apple Pie Homeschool 009

Liam said “Mama I not your fran (friend) he did not want his picture taken, no wait “I DOOOO!”

Apple Pie Homeschool 008

Apple Pie Homeschool 019Apple Pie Homeschool 014


Psalm 4:8

September 21, 2014

Psalm 4:8 18×24 Acrylic on Canvas.

For my dear friend who so kindly blessed my boys with their swing set their own boys had out grown!  Thank you!

Norah 6 Months 001