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August 17, 2012

I have never had such a hard time painting in all my life haha Emerson keeps me hopping & Liam stays hungry.  Between the two of them I don’t have much time.  My dear hubby has ventured into his own business, very exciting but keeping me busy in what little time I do have.  Not to mention all the veggies, tomato sauce, salsa and whatever else I can preserve, I am SO glad the season is ending!!  Yesterday made the cake, my dear friend Peg called and offered me the last of her green beans, peppers and a watermelon, the catch, I get to come pick ’em, crazy me jumped at the opportunity like I was getting to go on a last minute vacation.  She warned me to wear pants since she hadn’t been “real big on weeding lately” no biggie, I followed orders.  Drove up to what resembled a jungle (sorry friend) I immediately texted her that I hoped I wouldn’t get eaten by something, she replies “I was just out there and didn’t run into any critters” ok, deep breath, I dove right in, got everything picked leaving my precious green beans for last.  Got going, dodging morning glories, I was really enjoying myself amongst those weeds & the sound of a combine in the distant field then I thought “wait that might be the fan on a chicken house? Oh well, sounds nice and relaxing just me & the bugs” so I’m plugging along.  All of a sudden my foot starts burning!  What is wrong with it?!  I jump up and there are ANTS, demon ANTS ALL OVER my right shoe and going up my pants, I’m flailing around and grab the first thing my hand hits, her handy dandy ladder with a sprinkler duck taped to the top it comes barreling over and nearly hits me in the head (the only thing that kept me from getting beheaded was the precious morning glories growing up it) I high tailed it outa there fast as I could.  Did a nice little jig in her front yard trying to get rid of the ants, made a quick decision that I was done and forget the rest of the green beans. Haha too bad I was the only one who witnessed it. Green beans tasted delish though.  Needless to say it might be a while before you hear back from me, I need to recover & enjoy my children.

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