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Pinterest Challenge!

August 1, 2011

My post disappeard?!?!?? Here is what I could find…I was trying to edit and add in my “inspirations” guess I should have left well enough alone? Maybe I should name this one “Pinterest Pears” bahaha.   Or not, that may only be funny to me…anyways, John & Sherry on Young House Love  issued a “pinterest challenge” last Tuesday to encourage all of us who have been pinning away ideas to actually sit down and create one of our pins.   So I have been painting furiously for the last several days, in between making just about every tomato base product you can think of storing away the massive amount of tomatoes my garden produced, changing diapers and a zillion other things I will not bore you with including cleaning up dog poo twice because I was so absorbed in painting I forgot to let Piper out and he is too snooty to warn you! I decided (obviously) to paint the pears I have been dreaming of forever!  After purchasing a few from the grocery store and staging/shooting them until I got one I liked, I then referenced my “inspirations” and wah la, this is my version!!!  It’s not quite finished since it didn’t have time to dry before glazing but I LOVE it!!!  Thank you John and Sherry for hosting this and the motivation *bear hug*

inspiration #1

inspiration #2

Julie Clanton

18 Boards · 220 Pins

my photo, quite amateurish really….I paint better than I photograph 🙂

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  1. Bobbie Brown Photography permalink
    August 1, 2011 7:44pm08

    Wow! So many details in this! It is gorgeous! Yay for you for taking on the challenge!!!!

  2. August 1, 2011 7:44pm08

    That is gorgeous Julie! Love the green, it’s so fresh and spring-y looking. I halfway considered taking their challenge but was too lazy, now I’m wishing I had! Kudos to you!

  3. August 1, 2011 7:44pm08

    This is so beautiful!

  4. Marcia permalink
    August 1, 2011 7:44pm08

    Lovely, lovely, my sweet talented daughter-in-law!

  5. August 2, 2011 7:44pm08

    Gorgeous! I can’t wait to have you paint something for our nursery!

  6. August 2, 2011 7:44pm08

    It’s just lovely. The colors are so beautiful.

  7. ashton griffin permalink
    August 2, 2011 7:44pm08

    I love it!!! You are so talented.

  8. August 2, 2011 7:44pm08

    So pretty! I tried to do something like this once based on something I saw in Domino. Yours is much better. 🙂

  9. August 2, 2011 7:44pm08

    WOW. this painting is beautiful! I have pears all over my house, and have been looking for a large painting like this! have you ever considered selling your work?

  10. August 2, 2011 7:44pm08

    That is gorgeous. You have an amazing talent for still life!

    • August 2, 2011 7:44pm08

      thank you for stopping by and commenting!! 🙂

  11. August 3, 2011 7:44pm08

    wow!!! this is beautiful! you are so very talented!

  12. August 3, 2011 7:44pm08

    love it! where can I buy it?

  13. Jenny Braithwaite permalink
    August 8, 2011 7:44pm08

    Your Painting is truly BEAUTIFUL! You REALLY should think about selling some!!! Let your talent shine in others homes….LIKE MINE! LOL! Job well DONE! I can’t wait to see what you do next…PLEASE share them with us all. 🙂

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