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Flowers For Baby

February 15, 2014

Because I am over the white stuff, being stuck inside and winter over all, I’m in desperate need of color in my life!!  The beautiful skies yesterday inspired me to paint something for my baby girls room (due April 6th) I knew I wanted flowers, somewhat abstract & loose.  When I started I really didn’t have any idea what I was going to do, only the colors I wanted.  This is the fastest painting I have ever produced and there is more I could do but I really loved it and since it is for me proclaimed it finished!

16×20 Acrylic on Canvas

Painting for baby girl 030

I found these little booties hiding in an old sewing box that I made when I was twelve or so.

Painting for baby girl 001

Custom Family Art

January 27, 2014

Totally out of my comfort zone and I love it!  Thank you Bobbie!!

Christmas 2013 & Painting 004

Pillow for baby girl

January 22, 2014

Little lamb 001

Baby Ellis

December 26, 2013

I had terrible light this day and just couldn’t get a pic to do this one justice.  So, I am just going to post all three.  I used a little pencil to capture his baby fine hair and I loved how it turned out!


10x12ish Pastel

Ellis 002 Ellis 003 Ellis 005


December 13, 2013

Em Liam painting ornaments 001

What happens when I leave the room for 20 seconds?  See below, crazy boys!

Em Liam painting ornaments 002

Easton and Ivory

December 13, 2013

My niece Hannah asked me to do these of Easton and Ivory for her Mom for Christmas and since my sister does not have a facebook or probably even remember that I have this blog, I am pretty certain she will not see them…so friends of my sister Christi please do not tell her ;)

No, I really do not do portraits/profiles, etc.  they stress me out!  I have only ever done two faces in color (pastel) and that is when I was somewhere around 14, not sure why I said yes haha but I am glad I did because once again I got pulled out of my comfort zone! 

Ivory 14×17 Pastel

Easton & Ivory 005

Easton 14×17 Pastel

Easton & Ivory 006

The Clanton house is in for BIG change!

November 8, 2013

It’s a girl!!  She weighs just 8 ounces at 18 weeks 5 days…an absolute miracle to see such a small human being, perfectly formed, yawning, sucking and moving all over.  Just fills my heart with Gods miraculous wonder!  Below is a dress I made when I was somewhere around 13 all hand stitched and smocked.  Can’t believe I get to use it :) You guys go ahead and make fun of my horrible photoshopping skills, but I wanted a pink background!

Baby girl 003


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